So, what’s the deal with vegetable servings and schools?

I never understood the vegetable serving stuff.

School nutrition really *should* be about distribution of micro and macro nutrients, expected digestibility ,potential nutrient deformation with processing methods, and diabetes prevention, rather then such a vague thing as whatever a vegetable serving is.


And of course, making it actually *taste* good enough so people actually eat it.


Focusing on the mission to mars misses the point. Its all about renewable energy

The entirety of the talk on whatever Musk is up to seems to all depend on the capabilities of renewable energy and clever self-sustaining micro-atmospheric systems.

So how good are they? We already know we can get to mars and back, if we throw enough resources at the problem.




A man who nearly failed out of a science program in college(One not even close to MITs level)is now in charge of the department of energy and oversees nukes


Why was he even a governor in the first place, nearly flunking introductory economics of all things to fail?  I don’t believe China would have even allowed a man like this in charge of a small city.


The current head of the Department of Energy is Dr. Ernest Moniz, a former Professor of Physics and Engineering Systems at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In fact, four out of the last five heads of the Department of Energy were world-renowned and/or Nobel Prize-winning scientists with a deep understanding of physics and nuclear weapons.”

Why wasn’t Flint michagin considered a national crisis several years ago?

Highest murder rate in America, 2012, with extraordinary rates of other violent crime.



Really. The lead isn’t the biggest issue in the city.  The *real* question is how to reduce the rate of violent crime drastically, without any regard to nicety. If people with options think they will get robbed or mugged for walking down the street, they won’t stay in the town. Without that solved, what happens again in 15 years?



Harsh gun and ammunition control?   Greater police force?



If you think its a big deal that an antidepressant helps with *severe depression*, don’t be. A lobotomy will also work on the most commonly used scale.

*However it is defined

Seems like the HAM-D is the most commonly used test used to justify a pills publication.


As for the side effects of emotional blunting, most of these test



Itss strongly weight emotional intensity, rather then pure sadness and existential crisis with general misery. No, emotional blunting *is* the effect that makes these antidepressants on most scales.  Its why seroquel, abilify, and risperdone are all also antidepressants for severe depression.  Its meaningless.





So why is depression treatment fractal bullshit?

Lets start at the beginning, middle, and end, with a few side notes.

The beginning is the HAM-D, a useleslly gamed test that lets sever depression equal psychosis within a close approximation, giving mood blunters and advantage. Ever wonder why abilify is an antidepressant, or so many SSRI’s have mood-blunting properties, and co-exist as sedatives at night? Well that’s because a third of the points on the HAM-D are actually about aspects of psychosis, and quite a few are about sleep.

Middle is routinely hiding at least a third of the studies for each medication.

End are corporations and a culture that has caffiene/nicotine bodily adaption easily findable, but adderal adaption hard to find, with doctors treating ssri poopout as random.


We are not all knowing rational robots, but use excitement and depression to guide us.  What does fiddling with that process do? In the off chance it worked, then what? If depressive realism is a thing, does that take away the realists?

There’s only one measure that really matters for severe life-suckiness, and that’s suicide rate. They have one good objective measure and can’t even do it right.(The data on both long and short term reduction in suicide rate is horrible, and probably increases it in young adults. )