What does innovation in webtech mean?

I am not sure.  30 web-dev tools to build websites, infinite languages on the web for them.


Didn’t I see a pretty good point and click builder sometime almost last decade come out, that logically placed the HTML and CSS on the side in case you wanted to add your own stuff?  I think so. How much progress since then has been marketing and bullshit?


Or programming in general.   Every c++ function is less then 50 lines when done correctly.  Why are there bugs due to typos and semi-colons, instead of solely logical bugs?  For some reason people don’t like the drop-down ability.    Just arrange your program with the mouse, left click the squares for how its arranged. I can’t see why LANGUAGE X is seen as a massive time improvement over the basic C++ when all we needed to do was make an intuitive drag,drop,and connect the lines geometrical aid.  Another graphical aid easily arranges the file structure, and recommends best practices.


What I am thinking of absolutely isn’t impossible.  And something like this probably has been made before, with the writer of the program being annoyed at the general state of getting into programming websites and general programs.




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