Why the crossfit(games) are dumb

Its interesting how the physical traits of the projected winner can change depending on the weighting of the games.

The most visible is height, of course.


What’s ridiculous about the worlds fittest man moniker is how one year, the winner can be 5’6 and the next 6’1, all with each exercise sounding somewhat reasonable. The exercises are heavily weighted towards bodyweight exercises.    Add rowing and the long jump, increase the estimated height by 2.  Swap the 10 mile run with the 50 meter dash and a very different muscular and skeletal bodytype becomes favored.

If I were to design a fittest man contest, I would do a few things.

1.Standardize the exercises

2.Make them actually make some sense for general fitness the way people measure it, instead of having a deadlift/box jump contest.

So what? meh.  If I were to do it in three exercises, A 5 mile run, a clean and press/jerk, and some football cone sprint. Most physical characteristics are captured in that. And I would probably filter by percentiles, instead of some strange formula. If 5 exercises, perhaps add pullups and a 20 minute swim contest.


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