Distribution of traits and life choices

oh, this post is inspired from this image and just what I can glean from it.

What is the next obvious step to take?  Well, the physical traits.  Plot ratios of fast twitch/slow twitch muscle fibers, height, cardiovascular capabilities, reaction times and place them on another graph for sport choice in top tier athletes.

Its nothing too revolutionary, but its still important.  People go into their relm of comparative advantages and status max that way….well, not everyone is trying to go into medicine, so that statement is a bit inaccurate.

Another note: What you do in life can be predicted in some degree where you lie on the verbal*/spatial intelligence ratio.   Just where you are is some multivariable gaussian distribution function.

There are some obvious things to research after that, but just place two dots somewhere randomly in there, and compare the density functions in various locations and see if that tells you anything about the world.


Business is interesting.  Height and bodily structure is nearly as important as brain power for CEO’s in a business, and I believe I remember that within a certain college, merely being tall, masculine, and good looking was more correlated with financial success in business and communication degrees then supposed mastery of the material.   Merely a few more variables to add in a more comprehensive chart.


*As a note, there also are differences between the logical reasoning and reading comprehension aspects of V that seem to have something to do with working memory.


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