So why is depression treatment fractal bullshit?

Lets start at the beginning, middle, and end, with a few side notes.

The beginning is the HAM-D, a useleslly gamed test that lets sever depression equal psychosis within a close approximation, giving mood blunters and advantage. Ever wonder why abilify is an antidepressant, or so many SSRI’s have mood-blunting properties, and co-exist as sedatives at night? Well that’s because a third of the points on the HAM-D are actually about aspects of psychosis, and quite a few are about sleep.

Middle is routinely hiding at least a third of the studies for each medication.

End are corporations and a culture that has caffiene/nicotine bodily adaption easily findable, but adderal adaption hard to find, with doctors treating ssri poopout as random.


We are not all knowing rational robots, but use excitement and depression to guide us.  What does fiddling with that process do? In the off chance it worked, then what? If depressive realism is a thing, does that take away the realists?

There’s only one measure that really matters for severe life-suckiness, and that’s suicide rate. They have one good objective measure and can’t even do it right.(The data on both long and short term reduction in suicide rate is horrible, and probably increases it in young adults. )


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