Distribution of traits and life choices

oh, this post is inspired from this image and just what I can glean from it.

What is the next obvious step to take?  Well, the physical traits.  Plot ratios of fast twitch/slow twitch muscle fibers, height, cardiovascular capabilities, reaction times and place them on another graph for sport choice in top tier athletes.

Its nothing too revolutionary, but its still important.  People go into their relm of comparative advantages and status max that way….well, not everyone is trying to go into medicine, so that statement is a bit inaccurate.

Another note: What you do in life can be predicted in some degree where you lie on the verbal*/spatial intelligence ratio.   Just where you are is some multivariable gaussian distribution function.

There are some obvious things to research after that, but just place two dots somewhere randomly in there, and compare the density functions in various locations and see if that tells you anything about the world.


Business is interesting.  Height and bodily structure is nearly as important as brain power for CEO’s in a business, and I believe I remember that within a certain college, merely being tall, masculine, and good looking was more correlated with financial success in business and communication degrees then supposed mastery of the material.   Merely a few more variables to add in a more comprehensive chart.


*As a note, there also are differences between the logical reasoning and reading comprehension aspects of V that seem to have something to do with working memory.


Why the crossfit(games) are dumb

Its interesting how the physical traits of the projected winner can change depending on the weighting of the games.

The most visible is height, of course.


What’s ridiculous about the worlds fittest man moniker is how one year, the winner can be 5’6 and the next 6’1, all with each exercise sounding somewhat reasonable. The exercises are heavily weighted towards bodyweight exercises.    Add rowing and the long jump, increase the estimated height by 2.  Swap the 10 mile run with the 50 meter dash and a very different muscular and skeletal bodytype becomes favored.

If I were to design a fittest man contest, I would do a few things.

1.Standardize the exercises

2.Make them actually make some sense for general fitness the way people measure it, instead of having a deadlift/box jump contest.

So what? meh.  If I were to do it in three exercises, A 5 mile run, a clean and press/jerk, and some football cone sprint. Most physical characteristics are captured in that. And I would probably filter by percentiles, instead of some strange formula. If 5 exercises, perhaps add pullups and a 20 minute swim contest.

So what is there to climate change and global warming?

Oh, I don’t know much about this topic.

That pollution is 1 to 1 with what gives off carbon still makes me very amenable to a carbon tax, even if the warming aspect is crap.  Is it?  I’m don’t know enough about it yet.

We are also running out of the fuels, now are we not?  One way or another there has to be a transition.

So I find the entire debate on these taxes and consumption discouragements and if warming is terrible or not annoying.


It can be a smooth transition to clean renewables or a rough one, but there has to be one.

What does innovation in webtech mean?

I am not sure.  30 web-dev tools to build websites, infinite languages on the web for them.


Didn’t I see a pretty good point and click builder sometime almost last decade come out, that logically placed the HTML and CSS on the side in case you wanted to add your own stuff?  I think so. How much progress since then has been marketing and bullshit?


Or programming in general.   Every c++ function is less then 50 lines when done correctly.  Why are there bugs due to typos and semi-colons, instead of solely logical bugs?  For some reason people don’t like the drop-down ability.    Just arrange your program with the mouse, left click the squares for how its arranged. I can’t see why LANGUAGE X is seen as a massive time improvement over the basic C++ when all we needed to do was make an intuitive drag,drop,and connect the lines geometrical aid.  Another graphical aid easily arranges the file structure, and recommends best practices.


What I am thinking of absolutely isn’t impossible.  And something like this probably has been made before, with the writer of the program being annoyed at the general state of getting into programming websites and general programs.



A interesting and probably important change in internation dynamics, the precursor notice.

Interesting shift in regions of accomplishment over the last 30 years.  This year, all top 10 performers on the International Math Olympiad were eastern asian or their heritage was from an east-asian country(aka recent immigrants)

In 86, that number was 2.  96 and 2006, the number was 5. Last year the number was 7.

So what changed to make this happen, and why is it important?  This test (and its brother the putnam) is a very good predictor of who ends up the most prestigious and talented mathematician in the world. The Russian who solved the millenium problem was a previous top scorer,  Feynman was a putnam fellow, Terrence Tao was the youngest gold medalist.

Its a global contest where people compete across the entire world to see just who has the talents needed for later in life.  That not a single person not of eastern asian origin could crack the top 10 (and this is the first time that has happened) must mean something important, and it may give an important glimpse into the future.

And special note to singapore.  5.4 million people. In general has the most functional educational system with the lowest crime rate in the world. 3 out of the top 11 were from there.


In 15 years, these countries giving rise to these results will have fully developed and experienced statisticians, mathematicians, and engineers.

Tiger dad/mom parenting gives results, aye?